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Our beautiful Gibbs, was imported from Elkridge Golden

Retriever in Montana. Gibbs is a big baby. He will follow

us everywhere, nothing can scare him. He love to learn and please,

love water. From the top of is  85 pounds at 10 months, he is incomparable sweetness , even with kids. GIBBS is from numerous champion blood line like Vestafjell’S Magis Elf from Norway.

Gibbs should weight between 90 to 100 pounds at maturity. He is the full brother of our regret Logan, who died in november 2019 from a car accident. 

Elk Ridge DJ Antey


85 pounds


Truly light cream with a

"blocky head"



Paw Print
viens dans l eau papa
logan nov 2018
logan 18 sem
logan 14semaine
logan 10 mois
logan 8 semaine_
logan 3 nov 2018 2 mois
logan 4 mois avec mes grande soeur winte
logan 3 dec 3 mois aide maman
logan 2 mois je dors aussi
logan 1 jour a la maison
july 2018 logan
avec ma grande soeur winter_
first snow logan
10 mois et j aime mon jouet
avec ma belle maeva_
2 mois_
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